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Safety Travel Tips

Safety Travel Tips

Pack in a carry-on bag,everything you will need for your traveling journey. Then pack you luggage and make sure you will not have to open it before you will reach your destination. Keep Credit Card, Passport and small amount of money in a money traveling belt under your shirt always in front of you. It is always safer not to travel with jewelry to avoid being targeted.
When your luggage are ready and packed, join the zippers together and use a zip tie to join the two zippers together and cut off the access, afterward add on a “personal address label” around your zip tie and put on a couple layer of clear tape. Take a photograph of your luggage and make sure you can clearly see your zip tie, address label and clear tape. For an extra security use “Clear Stretch Wrap” and wrap your suitcase a few times in a way that you can still use your handle, and add one or more personal address label at the cut off point. Then take another photograph of your suitcase. Keep these photographs on you as a proof at all time. Don’t forget to pack a roll of clear wrap and extra personal address label for your return trip back home. Travel Safe.

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